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Office policies

You will be notified of office appointments at least one business day before the appointment. Kindly do your best to inform us if you cannot attend.

Please refrain from wearing any perfume or cologne. We unfortunately cannot allow pets in the office, with the exception of service animals. Some patients in the office have respiratory problems, or severe allergies and can be adversely affected.

You will be contacted regarding the results of any tests (Xray, blood test, biopsy etc) ordered by Dr. Mostachfi within 2 weeks of the test, unless you are already scheduled for a follow up. If you do not hear back from our office, do not assume the test was normal. Contact us to verify.

A referral from a family physician is valid for 6 months. You will be asked to get a re-referral before further appointments can be booked.

You are welcome to copies of your test results.

Please note that all instruments used in the office are sterilized before use.

Kindly inform us, if our office does not meet your expectations in any way. Your feedback is essential to help us improve the office.